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Rheology Modifiers

Rheology Modifiers | Organoclay

Rheology Modifiers is an organoclay tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite for solvent based systems of low to medium polarity.We also have organoclays bentonite for water based systems.

Compulsory reading: Organic bentonite clay is widely used in water-based systems such as real stone paint and thick paste coatings, latex paint and textured coatings, as well as in some colorful coatings or industrial coatings in industrial areas.Adding some dry powder mortar, organic bentonite has also become a very typical chemical additive in water-based systems.

In some daily chemical products, whether toothpaste cosmetics, volcanic facial masks, etc., there is a problem of using water-based system.


Rheology Modifiers | Organophilic Clay

The solvent-based organic bentonite is also an oil-based system.

So whether it is water-based organic bentonite or solvent based organoclays, the advantages of bentonite and their characteristics in use have many commonalities.

The first major advantage is that he has good viscosity and needle properties within a relatively wide temperature range, which is why he is called a thickener.

Rheology Modifiers has an extremely wide range of applications, including paint coatings, printing inks, sealants, lubricants, oilfield drilling cosmetics, adhesives, and other fields.

Rheology Modifiers has excellent suspension performance and can prevent the settling of pigments and fillers during storage, maintaining high-quality suspension characteristics.

Thixotropy and anti settling properties are also advantages of organic bentonite.

Extremely strong gel effect, whether in positive or ultimate, liquid.

Rheology Modifiers
Rheology Modifiers

Rheology Modifiers | Organo Clay Bentonite

When using organic bentonite, I can suggest adding an appropriate amount of polar activator. Even if the type of Rheology Modifiers is recommended, we have 95% methanol or 95% ethanol, or propylene carbonate or 95% acetone.

You must be very curious about the amount of organic bentonite added. After multiple experiments, the usual amount is between 0.2% and 2%. Of course, our ideal state is to suggest that you draw conclusions through experiments.
This is the most scientific. Our packaging is a 25 kilogram composite paper bag, which is moisture-proof and has a storage space. We suggest that you place Rheology Modifier in a cool and dry place, In this case, its shelf life can reach 24 months.

Rheology Modifiers | Organic Bentonite Clay

At present, the use of organic bentonite in oilfield drilling is a very large trend, and its demand is greater than in any other field. This is also why we have been focusing on the use of organic bentonite in oilfield drilling mud, placing it in the most important position.

At present, we mainly operate in the Russian region, including countries with abundant oil extraction such as Canada and Kuwait in the A1D region, and have a very large sales volume. At the same time, we have a lot of cooperation with some internationally renowned top oil service companies, which has greatly improved our product quality and control at this level.

At the same time, we have achieved dual benefits in both research and application. This means that when our organic bentonite is used for oilfield drilling, if you have special requirements for high temperature and high pressure, and only special YP requirements, then our cp250a can undoubtedly meet your special requirements to a large extent.

The different models we currently correspond to in oilfield drilling are mainly divided based on different base oils. For example, in the diesel engine system, we recommend CP 2 as the main model, which can achieve a survival advantage from price to quality. Currently, this is also our best-selling model.

If your base oil in oil-based mud is synthetic oil and mineral oil, then our preferred recommended model is our N2, This model is currently being heavily purchased in the Russian region, and it has more prominent advantages in price and quality compared to similar products worldwide.

In the following pages, we will also provide more detailed explanations on the application of organic bentonite in other fields. If you happen to need to purchase organic bentonite, please email me now.


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