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Paint Additive Organoclay

When we talk about paint additives, we mean any substance or ingredient that's added to paint to improve how it performs, what it's like, or how it can be applied. Additives are really important when it comes to making paint better. They help improve things like how long the paint lasts, how it feels, how well it sticks, and how consistent the color is.

Paint Additive Organoclay

Organophilic Clay For Oil Drilling Mud

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Organoclay For Solvent Based Paint

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Organoclay For Water Based Paint

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Organo Bentonite For Grease

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Organoclay For Cosmetics

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Organoclay For Inks

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Solvent Based Organoclay

Water Based Organoclay

Organophilic Clay

Drilling Grade Organophilic Clay

Paint Grade Organoclay

Grease Grade Organoclay

Cosmetics Grade Organoclay

Ink Grade Organoclay

Paint Additive

What is a Paint Additive?

Paint manufacturers can customize the properties of their paint to meet specific needs and achieve desired results by incorporating paint additives. Additives for paints and coatings have a wide variety to choose from. Some examples of additives include thickeners, dispersants, defoamers, UV absorbers, and rheology modifiers.

Additives can be added to paint formulations to achieve various results such as improving the flow and leveling of the paint, preventing settling or sagging, enhancing color retention, or providing protection against environmental factors. This allows for versatility and customization options to achieve the best possible outcome.



Organoclay is a great additive to paint formulations as it possesses numerous advantageous properties that can enhance the paint’s overall quality. Organoclay is a powder that’s derived from montmorillonite clay and has been modified with organic compounds. CP-180 texture is smooth. The color is typically white.

When exposed to a temperature of 105℃ for a period of 2 hours, the moisture content is decreased to below 3.5%. This functionality guarantees the stability of the system and prevents any potential impact from moisture-related problems. Upon subjecting the substance to a temperature of 1000℃, a weight reduction of 30% to 34% was observed.

This suggests that the material possesses the capability to endure elevated temperatures during the process of paint production and application. The Organoclay possesses a bulk density ranging from 0.35 to 0.45g/cm3, which enables it to be easily manageable and efficiently dispersed within the paint formulation. The Paint Additive Organoclay from Zhejiang Camp-Shinning is a superior option for a range of paint uses, thanks to its outstanding characteristics and the company’s dedication to providing top-notch goods.

The Organoclay produced by Zhejiang Camp-Shinning demonstrates exceptional effectiveness when used as an additive in paint. The substance significantly improves rheological characteristics, including viscosity, suspension, and sag resistance, leading to enhanced paint flow, leveling, and stability. The Organoclay exhibits consistent and dependable performance, thereby ensuring the attainment of optimal paint quality and performance.

Our company possesses significant proficiency in the manufacturing of Organoclay additives. The company has a proven track record of utilizing extensive experience and prioritizing research and development to produce cutting-edge additives that effectively address the changing demands of the paint industry.

This paint has a smooth and consistent texture because most of its particles are small enough to pass through a 74μm sieve. In addition, the dispersion fineness of the organoclay used in the paint is important because it ensures that the particles are small enough (no larger than 40μm) to be evenly distributed throughout the paint. This even distribution helps to improve the overall performance and properties of the paint.



Many paint manufacturers prefer to use organoclay as a paint additive because it offers several advantages:

High Efficiency

Really good at improving different aspects of paint formulations. This product effectively enhances the thickness, even distribution, and overall flow properties of the paint, resulting in improved application and performance.

Light-Colored and High Clarity Gel

When paint is mixed with organoclay as additives for paint, it creates a gel that has a light color and is very clear. This feature makes sure that the paint doesn’t change its color or become less transparent over time, which is important for getting the right color match and achieving the desired look.

Easy to Use, No Pregel Required

This is a great paint additive that doesn’t need any pre-gelling or special preparation. You can add it directly to the paint formulation, which will save you time and effort during the manufacturing process of paint, especially additive for water-based paint.

Consistent Development of Rheology

Ensures that the rheological properties of paints are developed in a consistent and predictable manner. This paint additive allows you to have more control over how the paint flows, how it thins under pressure, and how it resists sagging. The paint becomes easier to apply, spreads more evenly, and stays stable for a longer period of time if you use organoclay as a paint additive.


Enables the possibility of making adjustments or modifications to paint formulations after they have been prepared. If you need to change the thickness or flow of the paint. Organoclay as paint additives can add or modify organoclay to achieve the desired characteristics. This gives you the flexibility to adjust the paint.

Thixotropic Consistency

Gives the paint a consistent thixotropic texture that remains the same even when the temperature changes. This means that when you apply force to the paint, it becomes less thick and easier to apply. This is because the paint has shear-thinning behavior. When the force is taken away, the paint returns to its original thickness quickly. This helps to avoid problems such as drooping of paint.

Particle Suspension and Sag Resistance

Best at keeping particles like pigments and fillers evenly mixed in paint and this paint additive improves the ability of the paint to resist sagging while still maintaining its smoothness and consistency. Also helps to prevent particles from settling and ensures that the paint is evenly distributed.


The Organoclay Rheological Additive for Paint CP-180 from Zhejiang Camp-Shinning is a great paint additive that provides many advantages. CP-180 is a substance that can improve the flow properties of paint even when used in small amounts.

We guarantee that it will maintain its quality even when stored in good-temperature conditions. This means it can be kept on the shelf for a long time without any loss of quality. In addition, CP-180 helps to level paints while they are being applied, which leads to a consistent and even surface. Additionally, it helps to control syneresis, which means it prevents the paint film from forming liquid droplets or separating its components.

Organoclay Rheological Additive CP-180 is not only used in the paint industry, but also in various other industries. It is useful in sealants and adhesives because it helps to improve their texture and thickness. CP-180 is a substance used in the ink industry to ensure that the ink flows smoothly and remains stable. It is also used in cosmetic products to improve their texture and give them the desired consistency. In addition, organoclay can be used to create nano-composites.


You can add organoclay, particularly CP-180, directly in powder form as a paint additive without requiring a polar activator or pre-gel preparation. For best results, it is suggested that you use a polar activator and follow a pre-gel procedure. If you add CP-180 before grinding, it will have the greatest impact on the effectiveness of the paint formulation.

Usually, it is suggested to add CP-180 in an amount ranging from 0.2% to 1.0%. By using this dosage, the paint will have the desired rheological properties and will perform better in terms of suspension, flow behavior, and sag resistance.

For optimal efficiency, it is recommended to add a polar activator. Usually, people use the polar activator at around 30% to 40% of the weight of CP-180. Some of the commonly used polar activators are 95% ethanol or 95% methanol. The polar activator helps to spread CP-180 evenly and improves its effectiveness in the paint mixture.

Paint formulations usually contain CP-180 at levels between 0.2% and 2.0%. By using this dosage, the paint will have the desired rheological properties and will be improved in areas such as suspension, flow behavior, and stability. To get the results you want without harming the paint’s overall performance, it’s best to measure and control the amount you add carefully.


When used as a paint additive, Organoclay from Zhejiang Camp Shinning is sold in either kraft bags or kraft complex interiors with PE packaging. These packaging options are designed to be durable, protect the contents, and make it easy to handle during storage and transportation. Kraft bags are designed to protect the organoclay from things like moisture and light, which could damage it. This helps to maintain the quality of the organoclay.

The available sizes for Zhejiang Camp-Shinning organoclay are standardized to provide convenience to our customers. The sizes are 25kg per bag or 22.68kg per bag, which is equivalent to 50 pounds. The specified sizes are intended to facilitate the storage and transportation of our products, providing convenience and ease of handling for the user. The organoclay is efficiently handled and measured during the manufacturing process using bag sizes that are commonly used in the industry.



Ensure that the organoclay CP-180 from Zhejiang Camp-Shinning remains effective as a paint additive, by storing it properly. This involves following specific guidelines to maintain its quality. CP-180 should be used within 2 years from the date it was manufactured. It’s important to store it in a place that is cool, dry, and well-ventilated.


We believe that the instructions given on how to use the CP-180 Paint Additive Organoclay are trustworthy. However, please note that Zhejiang Camp-Shinning cannot assure or promise any of the suggestions or recommendations made as we have no authority over the circumstances of usage. You should test it out yourself to make sure it will work for what you need it for. You as the user, is responsible for any risks that come with using CP-180 organoclay.


Why Choose Zhejiang Camp-Shinning’s Paint Additive Organoclay?

Zhejiang Camp-Shinning’s paint additive organoclay is an exceptional choice for a variety of paint applications, like solvent-based paint additive or water based-paint additive due to its outstanding qualities, and the company is dedicated to providing high-quality products.

Our company possesses vast knowledge and experience in manufacturing organoclay additives. The company has years of experience and a strong emphasis on research and development. Our organoclay enhances rheological properties, such as viscosity, suspension, and sag resistance, which leads to improved paint flow, leveling, and stability. CP-180 organoclay consistently delivers reliable performance, which in turn ensures optimal paint quality and performance.

Paint Additive Organoclay

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